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Member Competitions

All members are eligible to participate in the monthly competitions among members.  First Wednesdays of the month the Print Competitions are held.  Entries are due on the first Wednesday prior to the competition.  Digital or Projected Image competitions are held on the third Wednesday of each month, with the entries due on the prior third Wednesday of the month.  In addition, a few times a year special inter-club competitions are held.  The RPC leadership recommends entries that have scored highly in past competition to be placed into these higher-level competitions.  Click on a link below to learn more about the three types of competitions, and the detailed rules for competitions, as well how how images are judged, scored and given awards.

New members generally start out competing in the lower divisions, e.g. "A" division for Projected Images.  New members should double-check with Competition Chairs which competitions they are eligible to enter.  The competition chairs are:

  • Charles Kiene - Printed Images Competitions Chair

  • Mark Brenner - Projected Images Competitions Chair

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