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Membership dues in the Reno Photo Club are $35 per person per year, or $55 for a family membership.  Dues can be prorated if you join mid-year..  Guests are welcome to come and sit in on any meeting. If you are ready to join, please fill out the form below, and bring your check or cash to the next meeting.  Once you are a member, you are eligible to join the competitions and get feedback on your photography from the PSA judge as well as other members.

 Join Reno Photo Club

Thanks for joining!

Alternatively, you can join by filling out the form portion of the printable brochure available here and bringing it to an RPC meeting.

Once you are a member, you can be granted access to the Members Only area of the site.  To request access, click on the mustard-colored caret "v" icon at top right in the black menu bar.  Enter your email and password.  Later on you will receive email confirmation that you have access, and you can login.

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