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For Projected Images competitions, the judges are selected from a PSA-certified roll of judges, and they volunteer their time.  Judges are generally not members of RPC.  The judging is usually performed remotely.  Judges provide comments and critique and a score for each photographic work.  The Projected Images Competition chair coordinates with the judge and compiles a PowerPoint presentation with the judge's comments.  The presentation is viewed at the meeting, whether we have an in-person meeting or a Zoom meeting.  

The primary purpose for judging a photographer's entry is to provide constructive comments to help the photographer improve his or her photographs. For each competition division and category, a 1st place, 2nd place, and Honorable Mentions can be awarded, corresponding with the scores.  Refer to AWARDS page.



Point scores are awarded out of a possible 15 points. Scoring is performed in the same manner for A versus AA divisions.  The competition chairs provides the following scoring guidance to the judges, though actual scoring is somewhat subjective and based on the experience and background of the judges.  The scoring guideline is to allocate:

  • Up to 5 points for Technique: Good use of photographic equipment; proper choice of exposure, shutter speed lighting and format (vertical/horizontal) for the subject, correct focus

  • Up to 5 points for Composition: A pleasing arrangement of line, mass, tonal values and/or color and the use of pictorial elements to add to the strength of the image and eliminate distractions

  • Up to 5 points for Impact: The quality of a photograph which makes it interesting and the use of viewpoint, distance, lighting, color, or contrast to capture a story, mood, or pattern.

Score Tabulation

Over the year, scores for each competitor within each division and category are tallied in a spreadsheet.  Standings are maintained and published in the monthly newsletter.  For the last competition of the year, the scores are kept secret so as to make who gets the end-of-year awards a surprise that is revealed at the end-of-year Awards Dinner.



Refer to the AWARDS page for information on the monthly and end-of-year awards given.

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