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Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander

Bio:  It has been said that I came by photography honestly.  My father had a SLR film camera that he took pictures of our vacations, hunting trips, landscapes and critters wherever we went.  After we got back home we would develop the slide film that had been taken.  As years went on, I received my own camera which has changed from the Film SLR camera to digital "point and shoots" to "super zooms" and eventually to a Nikon Digital SLR.  My interests are about the same as my father's in nature, landscapes, critters, and whatever catches my fancy.  Living in Reno gives me access to lakes, mountains, and deserts..

Favorite Gear: A Canon Powershot SX60 and a Nikon 5100 with a 18-300mm Tamron lens.

Types of Photography: Nature, Landscapes, Wildlife, and occasionally, Infrared.

RPC Role: Member, News Letter Editor.

Photographic Affiliations: Reno Photo Club

Web Site:

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