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2023 RPC Printed Image Competition Rules

1. All physical entries are due at the prior regular print meeting each month.

2. There are currently two print categories: COLOR and MONOCHROME. There is no restriction as to subject and creativity in the print competitions.

3. Submission limit is two images for each category on paper with no backing, matting, or wrap.

4. Prints may be commercially or home printed and must range between 8x10 and 16x20 Inches in size.

5. Prints must be labeled with the TITLE and PHOTOGRAPHER'S NAME on the back upper left corner.

6. Submit digital versions on the day of entry as a jpg file titled exactly like this:                    


     where Name is the full Last name of the Member

Example: Color_Smith-My Favorite Photo.jpg

Keeping to the standard minimizes confusion and helps the chair handle member's photos efficiently.

7. Submit your digital file via email. (See Members Only area of site for email address to use.)  Each image file can be up to 1920px wide and 1080px high. The images must be 1.5 MegaByte or less, and be sent no later than the day after submittal at our regular meeting. In addition to the competition they will be used for posting in the website and newsletter. 

Special Printed Image Competitions

     1. October's Printed Images Color and Printed Images Monochrome competitions must be Nevada subjects. 

         Submission format remains the same.

         Submissions are due at the September meeting.

SUBMIT ON TIME - in order to be included in the competition.

Good News!  Starting in January 2023, we are returning to IN PERSON meetings at the 5-Star Residence.  Refer to the calendar for further details.

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