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Carol Grenier

Carol Grenier

Bio:  :  I was introduced to photography in high school but really got into it seriously when I was lucky enough to land my first job after college graduation working in Yellowstone National Park. The abundant animal life there made it easy to capture wildlife images, even with my limited equipment. As an avid hiker and backpacker, I love seeing and recording images of dramatic and beautiful mountain scenery. Since retirement, I’ve had the chance to travel and see and photograph incredible wildlife. My favorite subjects are birds and bears and icebergs. The Reno Photo Club has really helped me improve my photography by learning from the critiques of outside judges in monthly competitions. And I’ve learned from other club members, including several who have won awards in national and international competitions with images taken in our local area! My most prestigious award to date was placing 2nd in the National Audubon photography competition with a picture of grebes taken at Pyramid Lake.

Favorite Gear: Olympus M1X cameras, 150-400 mm lens, 40-150 mm lens

Types of Photography: Landscape, Wildlife, Birds, Night Sky

RPC Role: Member, WebMaster

Photographic Affiliations: Member, coordinator of our club Nature category submissions to Photographic Society of America (PSA); our club has placed as high as 2nd in this international competition.

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