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Charles Kiene

Charles Kiene

Bio:  One of the very first things I asked my parents for at an early age was a camera and I remained a shutterbug ever since. In college I became seriously interested in art, and regularly frequented the museums of New York City while living there through my 20’s and 30’s. During a brief period between jobs I decided to study painting at the National Academy of Art, which changed everything by opening up my creative vision setting me on my course. Then years later I experienced another awakening when photography went digital. I was working as a graphic designer, so the creative possibilities to readily combine images into unique compositions and manipulate them into painterly art became a compelling passion. Today I do both. I look for unique subjects to explore traditionally, as well as others to reimagine in ways that transcend them with the tools available and my creative vision.

Favorite Gear: My somewhat classic Olympus E-620 multi-lens setup is very serviceable to my needs.  Currently I’m using my iPhone 11ProMax for more than half of my work, as well as my new iPad Pro to post process in addition to standard the computer tools.

Types of Photography: Urban artifacts. Unique settings. Creative compositions. Natural moods. 

RPC Role: Member, WebMaster

Photographic Affiliations: Reno Photo Club

Web Site:

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